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Auto Soap & Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

-Touch Free, Electronic
-Free Drip Tray & Floor Stand Available
-Large Capacity Container: 1000 mL or 33 ounces
-Works With a Variety of Sanitizers: The unit includes 3 nozzle options—foam, gel and spray.
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The NJ-CD-5098 Auto Soap & Hand Sanitizer Dispenser from Bosin&Sterb is the ideal hand hygiene solution for contemporary life. Cutting-edge technology and practicality are combined in this stylish and creative dispenser to provide a consistently germ-free experience. This product ensures minimal contact and maximum sanitization thanks to its touchless design. Without requiring you to touch any surfaces, its infrared sensor recognises the existence of your hand and releases the correct amount of soap or hand sanitizer. This is especially important in today's climate of health consciousness. The wide reservoir of the dispenser reduces the need for frequent refills, and the glass window makes it simple to check the liquid level. Its sophisticated and small design fits in beautifully in any setting, be it your home, office, or place of business. This dispenser's battery-powered design makes installation simple and eliminates the need for outlets or wires. The Auto Soap & Hand Sanitizer Dispenser NJ-CD-5098, where cutting-edge technology meets hygienic perfection, keeps your surrounds clean and safe. With the help of this clever addition to your everyday routine, embrace a healthy lifestyle.

-Product Dimensions: 140×118×300 mm

-2 Levels of Dispensing Amount: 0.7mL/1.6mL
-Power Supply: 4 pcs C Batteries or Power Adapter
-1000mL Refilled Container or Disposable Bag
-Security key lock on top of dispenser
-Suitable with 75% alcohol sanitizer /disinfectant.
-Transparent viewport in front of the dispenser

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