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ADA/DDA Compliance Auto Soap & Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

-Touch Free, Electronic
-Made of heavy duty ABS plastic/ Stainless Steel Grade 304
-Free Drip Tray & Floor Stand Available
-Large Capacity Container: 1000 mL
-Works With a Variety of Sanitizers: The unit includes 3 nozzle options—foam, gel and spray
-ADA compliant narrow profile and compact footprint for efficient use of space
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The pinnacle of cleanliness and accessibility is the ADA/DDA Compliance Auto Soap & Hand Sanitizer Dispenser NJ-SL-H3 by Bosin&Sterb. This sophisticated dispenser combines inclusiveness with cutting-edge technology to provide a seamless experience for all consumers. This dispenser has been built to comply with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) compliance criteria. It has an easy-to-use touchless mechanism that makes it accessible to people with different mobility needs. Its sleek and contemporary style fits in perfectly in any setting, whether it's a busy office, a medical facility, or a public area. Their reliable automatic dispensing mechanism distributes just the right quantity of soap or hand sanitizer, encouraging effective hand hygiene without wasting any product. Even in areas with high traffic, the dispenser will last for a long time because to its sturdy construction. Because of its large reservoir, fewer refills are necessary, which saves time and labour. With the ADA/DDA Compliance Auto Soap & Hand Sanitizer Dispenser NJ-SL-H3, improve hygiene practises while emphasising inclusion. Pick a solution that exhibits excellence in innovation, accessibility, and hygiene.

-Product Dimensions: 280×150×100 mm

-3 Levels of Dispensing Amount: 0.4mL/0.8mL/1.2mL
-Power Supply: 4 pcs C Batteries or Power Adapter
-1000mL Refilled Container or Disposable Bag
-Security key lock on top of dispenser
-Suitable with 75% alcohol sanitizer /disinfectant.
-Transparent viewport in front of the dispenser

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