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Stainless Steel Auto Soap & Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

-Touch Free, Electronic
-Made of Stainless Steel Grade 304
-Drip Tray & Floor Stand Available
-Capacity Container: 700 mL
-Works With a Variety of Sanitizers: The unit includes 3 nozzle options—foam, gel and spray
-Wall mountable dispenser
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Touchless, automated, or motion-activated Whatever you want to name them, stainless steel soap dispensers are more common in today's world for dispensing hand soaps and hand sanitizers. This product, an automatic soap and hand sanitizer dispenser, uses advanced electronic-controlled infrared sensor technology and energy-saving gadgets for the benefits of stability and safety. It makes it possible for people to avoid hand-to-hand contact and prevent cross-infection; the operation that is entirely touch-free to prevent bacterial contamination. The materials and the manufacturing process as a whole exceed international standards. It is safe for the environment and contains no harmful components. Bosin & Sterb's stainless steel auto soap and hand sanitizer dispenser are fantastic for reducing dust and making refills simple. With the lock design for public spaces, there is more confidence. In the meantime, the cap's ability to keep out air and water safeguards the liquid from being harmed. Automatic dispensers are a great addition to any intelligent home, intelligent kitchen, or intelligent bathroom since they effortlessly dispense the ideal amounts of soap while reducing the need for users to touch or contaminate the dispenser.

-Product Dimensions: 100×110×220 mm

-2 Levels of Dispensing Amount: 0.9mL/1.6mL
-Power Supply: 4 pcs AA Batteries or Power Adapter
-700mL Refilled Container
-Security key lock on top of dispenser
-Suitable with 75% alcohol sanitizer /disinfectant.
-Transparent viewport in front of the dispenser

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