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Centerpull Paper Towel Dispenser

-Made of high-impact ABS plastic
-Simple dispensing system that is easy to load and maintain
-Wall mountable dispenser that compatible with diameter of 200mm or 150mm jumbo roll paper
-One-At-A-Time Dispensing avoids roping and helps reduce waste
- Top design can be used as shelf
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The Centerpull Paper Towel Dispenser NJ-CD-8087/8187 from Bosin&Sterb is the best option for quick and sanitary hand drying. In high-traffic areas, this dispenser provides a seamless experience because it was designed with both functionality and style in mind. Their stylish and robust design ensures long-lasting performance while integrating in with any environment. The centerpull design minimises waste and encourages eco-friendly usage by enabling simple, one-handed operation. The controlled sheet release provided by its adjustable dispenser tension assures less wasteful usage. With its cutting-edge design that eliminates cross-contamination, maintaining cleanliness is a breeze. Paper towels are kept safe and secure by the enclosed design, which also promotes cleanliness and lowers the possibility of contamination. The front window's transparency lets you know when a refill is necessary, making installation simple and reducing disruptions in crowded areas. The Centerpull Paper Towel Dispenser NJ-CD-8087/8187 ensures convenience, toughness, and a dash of sophistication whether it is used in offices, restaurants, healthcare facilities, or other public locations. Improve your hand drying procedure right now.

-Product Dimensions: 248×149×248 mm/ 195×150×195mm

-Material: ABS plastic
-Extra hygienic key lock feature: Idea for high traffic areas
-Transparent viewport in front of the dispenser

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