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Double Toilet Roll Paper Dispenser

-Made of high-impact ABS plastic
-Simple dispensing system that is easy to load and maintain
-Wall mountable dispenser that compatible with two toilet roll paper

-One-At-A-Time Dispensing avoids roping and helps reduce waste

-A sliding panel ensures the use of only one roll at a time

-Top design can be used as shelf

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A double jumbo roll dispenser is the simplest way to maintain supplies in your busy bathrooms. The Double Toilet Roll Paper Dispenser from Bosin & Sterb, a leader in the sector, is one of the most practical jumbo bath tissue dispensers available. This dispenser might be able to hold two large rolls of toilet paper, requiring less frequent restocking. The body of the dispenser is sturdy and flexible, making it the perfect item for usage by the general population. The best option for satisfying customer needs is the practical and affordable Double Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser.

-Product Dimensions: 264×160×160 mm

-Material: ABS plastic
-Transparent viewport in front of the dispenser

Category : Household Roll Tissue Dispenser


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