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Double Toilet Roll Paper Dispenser

-Made of high-impact ABS plastic
-Simple dispensing system that is easy to load and maintain
-Wall mountable dispenser that compatible with two toilet roll paper

-One-At-A-Time Dispensing avoids roping and helps reduce waste

-Top design can be used as shelf

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Bosin & Sterb's Double Toilet Roll Paper Dispensers are appropriate for people who want to preserve a sense of cleanliness and class in their washroom and also have the space or need for a larger unit. Their usefulness becomes clear when they are accepted and used frequently. If you have a large user base and are worried about theft, these are a smart investment. The dispenser's body is strong and adaptable, making it the ideal product for use by the general public.

-Product Dimensions: 160×264×142 mm

-Material: ABS plastic
-Extra hygienic key lock feature: Idea for high traffic areas
-Transparent viewport in front of the dispenser

Category : Household Roll Tissue Dispenser


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