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HVAC Auto WIFI Scent Machine

-Fingerpint-proof, smudge resistant, and durable metal steel exterior.
-Integrated atomized head design, no clean necessary
-HVAC capable with clear pvc hose included
-Simple LCD programmable screen, smart APP operation
-2000mL plastic bottle Included
-Wall mountable or fall standing dispenser
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HVAC scenting, which stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, is the process of diffusing a fragrance through a heating and cooling system. This is done by integrating an HVAC diffuser system with an already-existing system, which then spreads the scent throughout a building. HVAC Auto WIFI Scent Machines by Bosin & Sterb provide fragrance-enhanced, branded, odor-neutralizing environments in both home and commercial areas, offering a wide range of advantages. The fact that smart HVAC diffuser systems are frequently managed by Wi-Fi, which makes configuring them much simpler, makes them incredibly easy. The development of better, more resilient construction materials as a result of technological advancements like Wi-Fi technology has significantly increased the lifespan of modern HVAC equipment. The creation of clever components that operate remotely controls themselves. In the end, this results in less damage to important components. Newer HVAC diffuser systems are programmable and energy-efficient thanks to smart technologies, so they do not run continuously, reducing that pervasive carbon footprint that is so harmful to our environment.

-Product Dimensions: 260×166×200 mm

-Material: Metal Steel
-Voltage: AC100/240V
-Coverage Area: 10000 m³
-Low noise level: 50 dB
-Oil consumption: 9 mL/H

Cat : HVAC Auto Scent Machine


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