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Single Manual Soap Dispenser With Bracket

-Made of heavy duty ABS plastic with simple and precise push buttom dispensing.
-Capacity Container: 300 mL
-Works with soap, shampoo, lotion or conditioner
-Wall mountable dispenser with bracket
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Are you looking for a strategy to increase hygiene in your house or place of business because you're sick of seeing dirty soap bottles cluttering up your space? The NJ-CD-1053 Single Manual Soap Dispenser with Bracket from Bosin & Sterb is the only option. This unique soap dispenser is intended to make hand washing more accessible and offer a sense of beauty to any environment.

Beautiful Design: The sleek and contemporary design of the NJ-CD-1053 soap dispenser makes it a chic addition to any bathroom, kitchen, or business environment.

High-Quality Content: This dispenser is made of sturdy materials and designed to resist regular usage, providing durability and dependability.

Simple Dispensing: This soap dispenser's manual pump mechanism offers a regulated and effective soap discharge, assisting you in saving soap and cutting down on waste.

Simple Installation: The dispenser may be mounted safely on any wall with the help of the provided bracket, which makes installation a snap.

Capacity: This dispenser has a sizable degree, so fewer refills are required.

Flexible Use: The NJ-CD-1053 is perfect for a variety of situations, whether in your home, business, restaurant, or healthcare institution.

The NJ-CD-1053 Single Manual Soap Dispenser with Bracket from Bosin & Sterb will improve your hygiene and appearance. Discover a product that combines convenience, elegance, and hygiene. Place your order now!

-Product Dimensions: 61.9×76.7×195.8 mm

-Dispensing Amount: 0.9-1.0 mL (Liquid)
-300ml Refilled Container
-Security key lock on bracket
-Transparent soap dispenser container

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