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ADA/DDA Compliance Hand Dryer

-Dull polished/ Brushed stainless steel cover for protection against rust, wear and tear
-Available in 2 different voltage options: low voltage (110V/120V) and high voltage (200V-240V)
-Compact design for limited space area
-Lower energy consumption and no using paper towels any more
-Dry hands within 11 seconds
-ADA compliant narrow profile and compact footprint for efficient use of space
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These automatic hand dryers are marketed as a cost-effective replacement for paper towels or facial tissues in public settings since the electricity they use is substantially less than the expense of routinely replenishing drying paper. By utilizing cutting-edge technology and installing Bosin & Sterb's ADA/DDA Compliance Hand Dryer NJ-KW-1021/1032 in your restaurant's restrooms, you are truly "embracing all expressions of cleanliness." Hand dryers are perfect for locations with high traffic since they remove the trash and problems that discarded paper towels leave behind.

-Product Dimensions: 173×152×256 mm/ 174×102×256 mm

-Stainless Steel Grade 304
-Voltage: 120V/230V 50/60Hz, 6A, 1400W/ 120V/230V 50/60Hz, 4A, 1000W
-Drying Time: 9 to 11 Seconds
-Waterproof Grade IP23
-Brushless motor available
-Sensor Range: 5-15CM
-Visible Service Blue LED
-Built-in Coarse Particulate Filter
-60 Seconds Automatic Shut Off

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