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Triple Manual Soap Dispenser

-Made of heavy duty ABS/ PC plastic with simple and precise push buttom dispensing.
-Capacity Container: 200mL×3
-Works with soap, shampoo, lotion or conditioner
-Wall mountable dispenser
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Bosin & Sterb's Triple Manual Soap Dispenser NJ-CD-3588 is available to assist with maintaining proper hygiene practices because it is now more crucial than ever. An easy and effective way to keep hands clean and germ-free is provided by this creative soap dispense the s er .It is perfect for usage in many different contexts, including homes, offices, restaurants, and healthcare facilities, thanks to its slick design and cutting-edge functionality.


You can distribute many types of soap or hand sanitizers concurrently using our Triple Soap Dispenser NJ-CD-3588, which has three distinct chambers. It is adaptable and perfect for holding a variety of hygienic goods depending on your unique demands thanks to this function. This dispenser offers liquid soap, foam soap, and hand sanitizer, depending on your preference.


Additionally, the NJ-CD-3588 was created with cleanliness in mind. The dispenser has a non-drip pump system to avoid wasteful spills and messes. You'll spend less time and effort maintaining it because of its removable compartments and easily cleanable surface .


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