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Automatic Hair Dryer

-Made of high-impact ABS plastic
-Features 2 air speeds and heat settings
-with 6-foot coiled cord and shock-protection wall bracket
-110V/220V socket available
-LCD screen optional
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Nothing says "morning" like freshly made coffee and clean hair. Hair dryers are helpful when there is no time for air-drying and you need a fast cure, or when the rain outside shows no compassion. Hair dryers control frizz, straighten, and set hairstyles in addition to immediately drying the hair. The Automatic Hair Drier NJ-CD-720/721/722 by Bosin and Sterb is a bathroom wall hanging hair dryer with a practical, sturdy, and modern design that mixes in nicely with any place such as hotels, hospitals, and so on. It is an excellent investment because of its practical design and solid grip. This strong and long-lasting hair dryer has a total output of 1200 W and is triggered automatically when a hand piece is removed from the main body. The hair dryer works effectively due to its fast speed and forceful air flow, all while producing little noise and saving time and money. These hair dryers include a number of functionalities that are handy for regular use.

-Product Dimensions: 249×65×249 mm

-Material: ABS plastic
-Voltage: 220V/50Hz
-Rated Power: 1200W
-Waterproof Grade IPX1
-Air Temperature: 60℃
-Air Velocity: 15m/s
-Electrical Isolation: CLASS 2  

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