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Auto Soap & Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

-Touch Free, Electronic
-Made of heavy duty metal with coating
-Floor Stand Available
-Large Capacity Container: 2000mL or 4000mL
-Works With a Variety of Sanitizers: The unit has double spray nozzles option
-For Countertop & Tabletops, Wall mountable dispenser
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The innovative Auto Soap & Hand Sanitizer Dispenser NJ-CY-2000/4000 makes maintaining good hygiene easier than ever. You can maintain clean, germ-free hands with the help of this stylish, cutting-edge dispenser, which is made to be touchless and effective. This dispenser is your best friend when it comes to fostering a clean and healthy environment, whether you're at home, at work, or in a public setting. Make using the NJ-CY-2000/4000 from Bosin&Sterb an essential component of your hygiene routine. Everyone's experience is made hygienic and practical by its touchless operation, customizable dispensing, high capacity, and stylish appearance. With the help of this cutting-edge dispenser, you can foster a healthier environment and give top priority to the health of your family, staff, and clients.

-Product Dimensions: 140×240×380 mm (2000mL)/ 126×280×450 mm (4000mL) -Dispensing

Amount: 1.0 mL
-Power Supply: 4 pcs C Batteries or Power Adapter
-2000mL/ 4000mL Refilled Container
-Security key lock on top of dispenser
-Suitable with 75% alcohol sanitizer /disinfectant.
-Yellow light warning for lack of sanitizer

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+86 130 8551 6835
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