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Auto Soap & Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

-Touch Free, Electronic
-Made of Stainless Steel Grade 304
-Drip Tray & Floor Stand Available
-Large Capacity Container: 1000 mL
-Works With a Variety of Sanitizers: The unit includes has gel nozzle option
-ADA compliant narrow profile and compact footprint for effi cient use of space
-Wall mountable dispenser
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Use the Auto Soap & Hand Sanitizer Dispenser NJ-ZSH14 from Bosin&Sterb to put your own and others' safety and wellbeing first. Make washing your hands a quick, easy, and frictionless affair. The NJ-ZSH14 makes sure you're always on top of maintaining a clean and healthy atmosphere, whether you're at home or in a public area. With the flexible dispensing options offered by this dispenser, you may customise the quantity of soap or sanitizer that is released to suit your preferences. It has cutting-edge infrared sensor technology, which makes it possible to use it totally without touching anything. The NJ-ZSH14 has you covered whether you need a tiny drop for routine hand washing or a larger amount for comprehensive sanitization.

-Product Dimensions: 275×102×93 mm

-Dispensing Amount: 1.0 mL
-Power Supply: 4 pcs AA Batteries or Power Adapter
-1000mL Refilled Container
-Security key lock on top of dispenser
-Suitable with 75% alcohol sanitizer /disinfectant.
- Transparent viewport in front of the dispenser

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