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Single/ Twin Jumbo Tissue Dispenser

-Made of high-impact ABS plastic
-Wall mountable dispenser that holds diameter of 230mm or 9'' jumbo roll paper
-Unit has a capacity of one jumbo roll paper or with an unspent one
-Serrated bottom for easy and neat tissue tearing

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Jumbo toilet paper dispensers assist in lowering the demand for refills, reducing labour costs and money for the janitors. The simplest way to keep supplies in your congested restrooms is with this Single/ Twin Jumbo Tissue Dispenser NJ-CD-8103 by Bosin & Sterb. This dispenser might accommodate two large rolls of toilet paper, necessitating less frequent replenishing. The dispenser's design was made in such a way that it is easy and convenient for users to use.


-Product Dimensions: 348×130×428 mm

-Material: ABS plastic
-Inner Core: 48 or 73 mm
-Extra hygienic key lock feature: Idea for high traffic areas
-Transparent viewport in front of the dispenser


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