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Twin Jumbo Tissue Dispenser

-Made of high-impact ABS plastic
-Wall mountable dispenser that holds diameter of 22mm jumbo roll paper
-Unit has a capacity of two jumbo roll paper
-A sliding panel ensures the use of only one roll at a time
-Serrated bottom for easy and neat tissue tearing

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Bosin & Sterb provide a variety of twin jumbo toilet paper dispensers that are ideal for high-traffic areas because they require less frequent refilling. The Twin Jumbo Tissue Dispenser NJ-FQ005 is perfect for distributing rolled toilet paper in an elegant format for high-traffic areas. It is simple to load and provides a smart, hygienic, and economical solution when you need it most. Numerous institutional clients, including hotels, shopping centers, medical facilities, apartments, and governmental organizations, get our various paper products!

-Product Dimensions: 521×139.5×295.7 mm

-Material: ABS plastic
-Inner Core: 34 or 72 mm
-Extra hygienic key lock feature: Idea for high traffic areas
-Transparent viewport in front of the dispenser

Category : Double Jumbo Roll Paper Dispenser


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