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ADA/DDA Compliance Hand Dryer

-Dull polished/ Brushed stainless steel cover for protection against rust, wear and tear
-Available in 2 different voltage options: low voltage (110V/120V) and high voltage (200V-240V)
-Compact design for limited space area
-Lower energy consumption and no using paper towels any more
-Dry hands within 10-12 seconds
-ADA compliant narrow profile and compact footprint for efficient use of space
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Bosin & Sterb's mission is to serve the global residential and commercial markets with the best products and professional all-in-one solutions. Paper towels are beginning to be replaced by hand dryers in many public areas due to the advantages they offer in terms of cleanliness. The ADA/DDA Compliance Hand Dryer NJ-KW-1038 from Bosin & Sterb is ideal for individuals looking for an extremely hygienic dryer.

-Product Dimensions: 286×102×321 mm

-Stainless Steel Grade 304
-Voltage: 120V/230V 50/60Hz, 4A, 1000W
-Drying Time: 10 to 12 Seconds
-Waterproof Grade IP23
-Brushless motor available
-Sensor Range: 5- 15CM
-Visible Service Blue LED
-Built-in HEPA Filter available
-60 Seconds Automatic Shut Off

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