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Tower Auto Scent Machine

-Fingerpint-proof, smudge resistang, and durable aluminum exterior.
-Integrated atomized head design, no clean necessary
-Built in turbofan for rapid aroma expansion
-Simple LCD programmable screen
-800mL bottle Included
-Free standing dispenser
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The Tower Auto Scent Machine NJ-GAM-1500 by Bosin & Sterb disperses smells into the air to conceal unwanted odours and replace them with enticing ones. When someone enters a location, a bad odour may make them feel nervous, whereas a pleasant, welcoming scent may make them feel at ease. The automatic perfume sprayer machine enhances the surroundings by providing aroma and freshness. A nice aroma boosts the visitor's experience by energising and delighting them. The visitor leaves happy and content. HVAC odour machines offer an unusual yet greatly desired capacity to dramatically boost your mood. The fragrance of anything unpleasant is one of the things that disgusts us the most, even in our own homes or in private. You may be able to prevent being exposed to irritating odours that make you feel melancholy by properly situating the Tower Auto Scent Machine NJ-GAM-1500. The aroma of automatic air fresheners is great, and you may entirely modify it. If you have any visitors, you may want to welcome them with a relaxing perfume, such as lavender.


Cat : Tower Aroma Diffuser

-Product Dimensions: 220×205×660 mm

-Material: Aluminum Alloy
-Voltage: DC 12V
-Coverage Area: 3000 m³
-Low noise level: 42 dB
-Oil consumption: 4-4.5 mL/H

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