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Tower Auto Scent Machine

-Fingerpint-proof, smudge resistant, and durable metal steel exterior.
-Integrated atomized head design, no clean necessary
-Simple LCD programmable screen
-500mL aluminum bottle Included
-Free standing dispenser
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Are you looking for a creative method to make your area feel welcoming and pleasant? Look nowhere else! Bosin&Sterb's Tower Auto Scent Machine NJ-HS-1501 will alter your surroundings with enchanting scents and leave a lasting impression on everyone who enters. This ground-breaking smell machine infuses your environment with a delicious combination of technology and luxury, transforming every room into a haven of peace and relaxation. We at Bosin&Sterb are aware of how scent affects our feelings and general wellbeing. Because of this, we carefully created the NJ-HS-1501 to provide an unrivalled aromatherapy experience. A clever and hassle-free fragrance management method is provided by this product.

-Product Dimensions: 155×155×520 mm

-Material: Metal Steel
-Voltage: DC 12 V
-Coverage Area: 1500 m³
-Low noise level: 50dB
-Oil consumption: 4mL/H

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+86 130 8551 6835
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