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Tower Auto Scent Machine

-Aluminum alloy, iron sleek design
-Integrated atomized head design, no clean necessary
-Simple LCD programmable screen
-500mL/1000mL Aluminum bottle Included
-Free standing dispenser 
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Tower auto scent devices are becoming more complex with each new product developed to compliment interior design. This means that they are part of a comprehensive range of odor-removing therapies. Public toilets are only one example of a space that now has a consistent look and Complimentary furnishings. This improves the user's impression of the toilet and, as a consequence, everyone who enters the area where the auto fragrance devices are installed. One of the primary benefits of tower scent machinesis the elimination of unwanted odours. An efficient air freshener may be used for weeks or even months at a time. Because the fragrance lasts so long, the downtime for these handy devices may be decreased, enabling you to utilize our Tower Auto Scent Machine NJ -HS-1501 all year without fear of it failing suddenly. This enhances the user's perception of the bathroom, which in turn improves the experience for anybody who enters the area where the air fresheners are positioned. Bosin & Sterb is dedicated to providing our clients with high-quality Tower Auto Scent Machine NJ-HS-1501.

-Product Dimensions: 160×160×600 mm

-Material: Aluminum alloy
-Voltage: AC100-240V
-Coverage Area: 1800 m³
-Low noise level: 25dB
-Oil consumption: 2mL/H

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